If you’re looking for an experienced Black River Outfitter in New York  you have come to the right place.

30 years ago I became involved with white water rafting when it was introduced to the Watertown area on the Black River. I started as a bus driver for one of the companies that came to town. That lasted one year, then I started guiding on the Black River and fell in love with it. I worked at that company for 6 years. I became a trip leader, river manager, and operations manager. I learned a lot from that first position and took that knowledge with me.

When I left I worked for other companies and gained a lot of experience not only in running rivers, but in how to give customers the trip they wanted. I did this for the next 10 years. Then with the help of my wife Sue we started B.O.B Rafting and have run this company for 17 years.

We began B.O.B. Rafting with this thought “that we would treat customers the way we wanted to be treated.” First and foremost we wanted our company and the trips we offered to be safe. Not just saying they were but making sure they were. Over the years we have proved to ourselves that this is true, that we at B.O.B. Rafting run a safe trip on the river.

This is backed up by our safety record on the Black River. All our guides are New York State licensed, with CPR, first aid and water safety. We run a safety boat on all our trips and provide what we believe is the best equipment in the industry for our customers. Why? “Because this is how we would want to be treated.”

Sue and I run the company, but our employees make the company. This combination assures you will have a fulfilling trip on the river, because second in our company plan was customer satisfaction. From the sign in, to the time you walk out the door at the end of the day, we all strive to make it a day you will always remember.

When you arrive it is our goal to see that you are happy when you leave. When you call on the phone, you speak to one of the owners – not just a person trying to sell you a trip. We want you to ask questions, tell us what you want, and allow us to take care of you.

Over the years B.O.B. Rafting has grown from one raft trip to fifty people per trip. But be assured we have not forgotten where we began, and that it was groups of two and four that gave us our start. To this day we depend on all our customers to help us expand our company. Please, if you have any questions about us or our company give us a call.


Big ol’ Bob and Sue Peterson, and the B.O.B. Rafting family